Week 6: Benjy’s

America the Beautiful.

           From majestic Tennessee mountain ranges to skyscrapers reaching the heavens, America’s beauty was a constant theme throughout our team’s venture up to NYC last week for the Fox & Friends appearance.  Zooming by farmland, luxurious mountains, and diverse wildlife while listening to Country Music’s greatest hits for 20 hours straight will make a person realize how lucky they are to live in the greatest country on Planet Earth.  So we’ve decided to pay tribute to our beautiful country this week and we’ll be keeping you updated the entire way! Check out this blog post about how we came up with the brand name, Benjy’s.

          We took on a massive undertaking for Week 6 when we decided to create an apparel brand. Very quickly into the adventure we had to deal with the reality of what you can do in just a week’s time. We stand on a developed product line, brand image, marketing strategy, and financial outlook and possibilities. We’ve figured out the basic structures needed to launch a clothing brand, but like what we’ve learned during Week 5 with our children’s book, certain structures need and deserve time. If you want the finer parts of design and implementation done right, you have to give it time, and so we will. We are all but ready to launch and are just waiting for a few join the delegation at Benjys.us.

This was a teaser and now it is just because we for Brazil & the World Cup 2014. Best of luck to the USMNT