Week 48 – Shark Week

With a little help from his friends, 52businesses Co-Founder, Colin Grussing, made a pretty nice shark suit, in preparation for his appearance on Shark Tank in 2013. Lately, people online have become pretty enamored with a friendlier, more cartoonish shark suit. It seemed all anybody wanted was to be able to dance and have fun, while dressed as a big blue shark. Even Bonobos took a stab at making it, but threw in the towel after discussions with their legal team. We at 52businesses decided to spend a week making our own prototype shark costume, by hand, and put together a business plan to bring it to market. So, now, here we are! We had a blast wearing it at Mardi Gras, which validated the demand, and got even more excited to get in the party sharking business. The “Party Shark Suit” is all set up on amazon, and we’re ready to start manufacturing orders! Most importantly, as soon as we get all caught up we’ll be sharing the prototype, product testing, and manufacturing processes, through various blog posts. As always, our goal is to educate other entrepreneurs, so they have the tools to start their own business, sensibly.

Buy yours while we still have one left – shark suit can be found here.