Week 43- Tulane Office of Technology Transfer & Intellectual Property Development

Technology transfer at Tulane University moves cutting edge research into the broader community, educates external constituencies about the development and implications of the research, and sees that the products of Tulane research are deployed to the broadest possible public benefit.  Technology transfer, while viewed simply as a potential revenue source at some research institutions, has long been considered an important extension of Tulane University’s core missions of education, research, and service.

Early on in the history of Tulane University, researchers began pursuing the commercialization of their technologies in earnest, well before the formal establishment of a dedicated office. Key researchers in the School of Medicine sought patent protection for their inventions beginning in the early 1980s and worked proactively with industry to develop these inventions and bring them to market. Since that time, the Office of Technology Transfer & Intellectual Property Development has successfully guided the fruits of Tulane research into industrial collaborations aimed at bringing new technologies to market for the benefit of the public.

Today, the Office of Technology Transfer & Intellectual Property Development is developing inventions from faculty and students across the University, including inventions from the School of Medicine, the School of Science and Engineering, the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, and the School of Law. Broad vision, a wealth of experience, and institutional support at the highest levels ensure that Tulane will remain a leader in university technology transfer well into the future.