Week 41 – Over the Levee

Over The Levee is a couple of sisters who believe that protection of Earth’s natural resources  is ultimately about the protection of a high quality of life for humans on Earth.  (Or in their original words “We care about people, not trees.”) They have an ambitious ideal that most people would feel more personally attached to the environmental movement and their individual contributions if free information on environmental topics was not so specific and technical.  Thus was born the idea for overthelevee.com – a simple website for the individual consumer to learn about humanity’s relationship with natural resources at a high level.

When Kerry Hall and Elizabeth Brown arrived at 52Businesses, they had a name and a vague concept of a mission.  Today, they have a website and structured time outside of their jobs and school to develop the physical manifestations of their ideals into something engaging, useful, personable, and free.  We won’t spoil the story behind “Over The Levee” and the visions of the product that they are working toward, but we’re excited to see how they grow.