Week 40 – Meusu

We are excited to work with Meusu this week. Meusu is bringing the world of instant delivery to New Orleans. Today the company announced the official release of meusu.com. The service lets you post virtually any task that you cannot complete to their app. Users searching for work then bid to complete task or one hour delivery request. The app is in beta testing now and developers say you can expect it be user friendly and easy to navigate.

“With our beta site now launched we are anticipating a flow of traffic that will allow us to better understand and improve on the services we offer”

Meusu takes away the stress of finding time to complete everyday mundane task. Whether it’s putting away boxes in your attic, raking leaves, or walking your dog. You can post whatever task you have to the app, choose the runner you want and it get done. Could it be any easier?

“It’s like having a clone. I could be picking up the kids from school while at the same time they are picking up the things I need from the store to prepare dinner. It’s a win win”
-Satisfied Customer Jeanne Smith

Meusu Inc. is a New Orleans, La based company that provides key services to the Metro Area. Since 2013 Meusu has changed the way people complete everyday task. Meusu Inc. provides the best customer service experience in the area. If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Christina at 504-559-9281 or email at team@meusu.com.