Week 27 : NOLA Birth Center

Week 27  we are excited to work with ladies of birthmark doulas  on launching their new birth center .  The NOLA Birth Center is an out-of-hospital medical facility where women and families can give birth outside of the traditional hospital setting. It is staffed by midwives and backed by OBs and works collaboratively with area hospitals. It is a safe, home-like environment that provides individualized, family-centered care.

NOLA Birth Center – Empowering families through positive birth experiences.

At the NOLA Birth Center we believe that:


1. Women have the right to seek care that is medically safe, fits their lifestyle, and

recognizes and respects their individual physical, social, spiritual, psychological, and economic


2. Women and families have the right and responsibility to assume an active role in

their own health care. A team provides our care, with the client as an equal team member.


3. Childbirth is a normal, healthy process. The role of the caregiver is to support and

promote this normal process, while recognizing and dealing with any deviations from

normal. Confidence in this normal process is promoted in all aspects of care.


4. Because the family is the cornerstone of our social structure, maternity care must

support and promote family empowerment and development. Family members, including

siblings, should be involved in the childbearing experience to whatever extent the family

desires. “Family” is defined by the client.


5. Education is an essential part of quality health care. With knowledge freely

exchanged between our staff and clients, women and their families are able to assume shared

responsibility for and make informed choices about their health care.


6. Women in New Orleans experience great disparity in birth outcomes, influenced by

race and class. Birth center programming aims to acknowledge and transform these disparities.


7. Pregnant and parenting families deserve care regardless of race, class, gender

expression, sexuality, religion, or ability. The Birth Center aims to serve a client population that is

representative of the diversity of communities within New Orleans.



Blog Post (Day 1)

52 Businesses: Day 1 

One day down, 6 to go! I’m not sure what exactly I’ve gotten myself into…The NOLA Birth Center has been my baby – I’ve spent months building our business plan, financial projections and image. And now I have a week to focus solely on the Birth Center, with a dedicated team to work with? It feels like a miracle! And is slightly terrifying…
As the day ends, my head is spinning with all of the information, tasks, to-do lists, maybe-someday-lists and everything else that was covered. We started with an overview of all things birth center, and decided on our areas of focus for the week. We set about a dozen meetings, I learned the ins-and-outs of Basecamp and we outlined our plan for the week. I’m already learning skills that I know I need and that will have a lasting impact on how I do business moving forward. It’s scary to think that I’ve been operating this long without some of these skills, yet the thought of focusing on organizational habits for an entire week sounds like a huge undertaking. But I can already tell that the more I put into this week, the more I’ll get out of it. And I’m definitely up for the challenge.
So far so good, I’ve done all of my homework for the night and have even read (or listened) ahead in the textbook. I have the passion, determination and expertise to open the NOLA Birth Center and I can’t wait to spend a week sharing that with Colin and the 52 Businesses crew.


Blog Post (Day 2)

My week with 52 Businesses has come to a close and my head is spinning! I can’t believe how much information we covered in just one week. 

I’m excited about the progress that I made this week. First off, I was able to review all of my current work with Colin and the team. It was motivating to identify the areas that I have a handle on and I feel more confident than ever in my ability to move forward with the NOLA Birth Center. Through this review, I also identified a number of areas that need work.
I learned new ways of organizing and practiced new habits to relieve daily stress and really jumpstart my productivity. It was actually really fun to review topics that I normally don’t prioritize – namely areas of marketing, messaging and branding. I learned all about SEO and Google Analytics (it’s fascinating!) and even got set up to easily build my new website.
All in all, this week has helped me to re-focus on areas of the NOLA Birth Center that need priority. I’ve always been passionate about birth outcomes and reproductive healthcare, but this week has allowed me to focus on aspects of my business that I usually overlook. You know that habit of leaving the hardest thing on your to-do list until the very end? And then never getting to it, because you move on to a new to-do list and continue to ignore that seemingly daunting task? And then you never get it done?!? What an exhausting cycle! I’m excited to take what I’ve learned this week (namely, how to never get stuck in a daunting to-do list nightmare/cycle again!) and open the NOLA Birth Center with confidence.
Latona Giwa & Dana Keren
AABC Developing Members, NOLA Birth Center