Week 24: CruiseAids

Week 24, we are working with Allan Herrera, a New York city based artist with 10 years experience in trend forecasting, textile development and costume design/fabrication. CruiseAids is a caused based clothing line to raise awareness and funds about HIV transmission.














” I was fortunate to have been be able to live in gay spaces with access to the latest groundbreaking scientific and health advances with HIV research, prevention and education.
Using current information and personal past experiences my goal is to help specific demographics left behind with false and/or dated information due to lack of government funding, community involvement or geographic situations. By incorporating wearable and appealing trends and adapting “trigger” words or vocabulary with stigmas I hope to start educational conversations and have the wearer and viewer seek more information and make positive decisions for a movement of self awareness in HIV transmission and other mental and psychical health issues that is still affecting the gay community.”

Blog Post (Day 1)

My first day with 52 business made me aware of my lack of organizational skills. Trying to run a business that deals with creative production its easy to get caught up in the development process and ignore key steps to ease the stress of distribution, communication and branding.  

Different parts of business come natural to  an artist such as networking and  concept development. With a project like CruiseAids where I am trying to reach a broader spectrum and leave my comfort zone there is a large number of information that Colin and 52 Business will guide me trough and make less intimidating.

Blog Post (Day 3)

By day 2/3 of my week with 52B my brain was hurting with the amount of information I had taken in during my meetings with consultants/experts in the fields of branding,  business management, web development and social media. Each meeting was full of valuable information that will ease a lot of the tension with the launch of CruiseAids  but the meeting that left me feeling confident was my brainstorming session in social media.
I met with Jeff Januszek a social media consultant/mentor with 52Business. We discussed efficient ways to approach my target audience and ways to share CruiseAIds content without wasting valuable design/creative time.  I understand that the success of CruiseAids relies a lot in social networking due tot he fact that my product is heavy imaged based but the thought of sitting in front of  a laptop for 2/3 hours a day was giving me anxiety. Jeff was able to ease that tension by explaining an efficient exercise called a “content bucket” I saw it more like a mood board.  I basically store and save information that is relevant to my brand  such as images, literature, events, news etc. The collecting and storing  is done during anytime I see something that pops or see that fits my aesthetic and brand. After I have all my data I can comeback to my bucket/board and edit. This can also be done at my convenience.  I then take my content and post/share.  Instead of wasting time everyday searching and looking for the perfect post  I can always go back and sift through my growing library and make efficient posts. This makes my social media interactions cleaner and more organic looking.