Week 22: FosterBear

Based in New Orleans, FosterBear Films tells stories by creating innovative films and video content – http://www.fosterbearfilms.com/.
From conceptualization to final edit, we work to create films that celebrate the artistic and bold elements of the human condition.
Jason Foster and David Bear “started” this business 3 years ago, but personal circumstances caused them to put it on the back burner.  They have continued working in film and leading a few projects together, but have not yet been able to spend time on the business.  We are excited to help them focus on building Foster Bear Films this week.


Blog Post (Day 1)

Our first day with 52 Businesses was extremely informative. It was like being gunned down by a machine gun, if bullets were business advice and, instead of killing you, they made you a more knowledgeable business person. So its really nothing like that, actually.

In all seriousness, the wealth of information we got from Colin on day 1 was exciting and admittedly intimidating. We’ve got quite a bit of work to do to hit our goals, but on the flip side, Colin’s business acumen and experience gave us no doubt that by week’s end, we’ll have the tools to hit our marks.

Making the transition from being an artist (filmmakers in our case) to being a business person is tough, and doesn’t come naturally to many. There’s a chaos inherent to good art that’s antithetical to good business, but working with 52B- even just on the first day- made it clear that it doesn’t have to be if you go at it with the right methods (or any method, at that).

Jason and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week brings.

Blog Post (Day 3)

One of the most challenging things I’ve found about being a filmmaker is keeping everything organized and on schedule. On any given day, I could be scouting a location, meeting with an actor, putting the finishing touches on an edit or, if I’m lucky, shooting. Isn’t that novel? Contrary to popular belief, assuming that you care enough about filmmaking to think about the tenets of cinema and don’t question them at all, most filmmakers spend more time in pre and post production then they do in principle photography aka filming the damn thing. 

Naturally, having a good system in place to handle all the filming and non filming tasks is paramount to running a better business. Lucky for us, 52Businesses has been ultra, extra, immensely helpful with showing and, more importantly, teaching David and I how to keep better track of our projects. What is it? Well, we’ve been retrofitting our current projects with this new flanged idea, compliments of Colin, of making lists and then dutifully keeping track of them, (another novel thought) and it has been going quite well. We’ve been implementing our new project management skills into our current endeavors, as well.
Learning this new system is akin to when Marty McFly learned how to use the Hoverboard.  It was fun, exciting and a little scary but eventually he got the hang of it and escaped from Biff and his henchmen, even though Marty went over water and you’re never supposed to do that. Yeah, it’s just like that.