Week 21 is another fun one!  Acrodisiac is a performing acrobatics duo, made up of  Athena Masters and Ellio Blox.  Their specialty is to infuse fluid partner acrobatic and aerial arts with an sensual edge.    Partner Acro is the intimate interaction and balancing of bodies to achieve artful postures and sequences. The symbiotic connection between the base and the flyer – each relying fully and harmoniously on the other – is the foundation of the acrobatic art.   

While remaining true to this foundation, Acrodisiac’s solo and duo performances transcend the graceful practice of Acrobalance by incorporating other aerial performance styles such as Vertical Pole and Lyra, Hand-Balancing, and Burlesque-style dance and amusements. They provide comprehensive entertainment, offering a range of performance styles, levels of audience interaction, and degrees of eroticism.

Athena and Blox have been practicing acro for many years, and Acrodisiac has been performing for about 2 years.  They have booked several gigs and received really good feedback.  They hope to book more and bigger gigs so that they can spend more of their time working on their passion.  52businesses is excited to help them turn it into a real business and take it to the next level.


Blog Post (Day 1)

The Shape of Things to Come

Acrodisiac is a business that, so far, has found success without much gruesome trepping. Grown out of positive feedback from an experimental performance, the company has continued to spin, flip, and pop forward much like the the acrobatic duo that takes the stage. Until this point our development has been like a sunday afternoon front porch conversation; we make a small improvement, an opportunity knocks. We take it and make another move, we get some media attention and land a cruise ship gig. With 52Businesses our development path is looking more like the college debate team’s preparations for nationals… Yesterday our business was put under a magnifying glass. Today we’ll be pulling out the microscope.
Monday was facilitated by Colin who walked us through an analysis of Acrodisiac as it stands, and helped identify the areas in which we might gain the most benefit from expert guidance. A guest appearance by Tereson, a highly successful entrepreneur, prompted some excellent creative thinking and challenged us to tidy up the dustier corners of our business. With ‘homework’ done and hopes of a gold star, we look forward to some more Acrodisiac surgery, kicking off with a meeting with industry leader, Trixie Minx of Trixie Minx Productions www.trixieminx.com.

Blog Post (Day 1)


Being ‘Social’ on Social Media: A Novel Concept


In a social media management meeting today, Jeff Januszek (www.jeffjanuszek.com) lead us to a painfully logical epiphany that is somehow not commonly realized: the best business strategy on social media is simply to be social. We had been viewing it as this advertising billboard that we should be using to catapult our content into people’s faces. The ideal way to gain klout, be it in the form of ‘follows’, ‘likes’, or ‘retweets’ is to be an active part of the community you are trying to affiliate yourself with, not just throw your promo at it and expect results. Being part of the conversation is perhaps easiest realized by employing the trinity: ‘like’, ‘comment’, and ‘share’ material from posters whose attention you are trying to attract. Give a shoutout to someone else’s success instead of just talking about your own. It’s kind of a, ‘the easiest way to get a hug is to give one’ kind of approach.


One of the most important ways you can be effective in the social media community is to be consistent in your posting frequency, rather than, say, blitzing for a few days then being absent for two weeks. If you find 8 cat videos that you love in one afternoon, try practising some restraint with Facebook’s  ‘schedule post’ feature, making it easy to line up a bunch of posts and have them automatically release at later points in time. Effective posting, especially on Facebook, Jeff says, has as much to do with when you post as what you post. Releasing your content when the majority of your viewers are active is imperative.
Last, but perhaps the key to good content, is what I’ve been calling the “Content Bucket” – yes, Jeff, you can borrow it. What Jeff and the rest of the 52Biz team recommends is three part system to ensure content is of good quality and is posted to the correct platform. Colin uses the labels: #1 Gather – This is the content bucket where material is collected. #2 Allocate – Content in the bucket is polished and allocated to the appropriate social media platform. #3 Engage – This means posting at the right time, reacting to ‘likes’, ‘comments’, ‘follows’, and ‘tweets’, and generally taking that social approach I opened this blog entry with, rather than just posting and crossing your fingers that the ‘thumbs up’ will roll in.