Week 20: Paeity

52businesses is in it’s twenties!  We hope you have been enjoying following us on our trip so far, and we can’t wait to share more with you.

This week, we are working with New Orleans entrepreneur, Patrick Quirk, to start Paeity.  Paeity is based on the Airbnb model – but it’s for parking spots instead of rooms.  More specifically, Paeity is focusing on festival parking.  The Paeity team believes that people should be able to benefit from local, neighborhood festivals by offering their driveways and parking spots to festival-goers for a price.  Festival-goers, in turn, benefit from being able to “buy” a parking spot ahead of time – no more worrying about arriving hours early to secure your spot!

Paeity logo

Blog Post (Day 1)

The day began with a team meeting about life up until this point. Although, it mostly focused on the four months since we all participated at the Destination Hackathon in March. The most memorable point was when “your problems are our problems” was uttered by the 52businesses team.  It felt good to know that we now had an entire team of fresh eyes and minds to help us find creative solutions.  After the team was up to date, we started to  prioritize the major goals for Paeity this week.  During this, we took a break to sit-in on a weekly discussion about entrepreneurship on a local radio station.

After lunch, while we worked with Colin on our business plan, our calendar filled-up with meetings for the week.  We ended the day with a task-list to attack and a full-day to conquer tomorrow.  Exciting times indeed.

– Team Paeity

Blog Post (Day 2)

We started early and got right to developing a roll out plan.  We discussed ways to effectively announce Paeity and our strategies to get us to our first growth milestones.  It felt great to finally get our plans organized and the added creative ideas from the 52 team were invaluable.  The hours flew by and we broke for an early lunch.  Upon return we started to discuss the use of a pitch deck.  This took most of the afternoon and started to open thought processes on what our immediate needs are and how to effectively get our message across.  The last thing we did before breaking for the day was to take a run through our business plan thus far.  The word “run” is important as we needed to keep reminding ourselves that this is about doing the basics well and not about doing everything in a week.

-Team Paeity

Blog Post (Day 3)

We’re sure glad that we slept last week!  We started the day talking about what strategies would be best for getting the message of Paeity out to those we feel would most likely use our service.  It’s always great to hear thoughts and views that we didn’t think of and to have ones we disagree with that challenge us to see all sides of our startup.  We were luck that our two guests today had the time to take out of their busy careers to sit with us.

The first was the amazing Jeff Januszek.  When he’s not taking time out to help educate us, he is a powerhouse in the world or Social Media Management.  Quickly, we started discussing how different social channels all have their own social standards, and how to engage our audience through our posts.

Our second guest was Dennis from Story Block Media.  Dennis, who quickly became our new best friend, loved our concept, and more importantly our branding!  Being an expert in branding he was able to see how we could maximize our ROI when it comes to our launch campaign.  We also talked about some amazing future upgrades to our app that will make sure your Paeity experience is the most convenient way to quickly obtain festival parking.

We can’t wait for you all to see all of this put together, but we will, we have two full days to go!

-Team Paeity

Blog Post (Day 4)

Only one day left!  First thing we did this morning was discuss PR strategies – the pros and cons of the various media outlets available to us.  We went over the importance of timing and relevance as we worked out a list of media contacts and when to contact them.  After lunch, we created an organizational chart for the company and the roles within.

A big thank you to Joe Conte, a great IT developer with The Strategy Agency who made himself available to answer some of our questions.  It’s been quite the week so far!

-Team Paeity

Blog Post (Day 5)

We’ve had quite the busy week with @52businesses.  We can not believe that it’s our last day.  Today, we created a thorough spreadsheet for our first year that broke down the financial aspects of Paeity.  We then went and reviewed Paeity.com and discussed some minor aesthetic changes, based on the feedback we received. We also talked to Joe Conte (http://www.thestrategyagency.com/) about our future platform ideas.  Let’s just say there are some amazing things ahead!

After lunch we did a review of how the week went.  We discussed the information some our guest speakers had given us and how to apply the aspects we liked in a timely, relevant manner. All of the documents and timetables were given a final group look over and made notes on how they would evolve as Paeity evolves.

Overall, Paeity went from being a great idea to a great idea with focus and direction.  Things we learned included not over complicate things, and to make sure your message is clear and concise.  We are now in a position to take our idea to solve a problem, and now actually go solve it.  The tools and education we received are priceless. Our time here was most enjoyable and we are grateful for the experience.  Thank you to Colin, Max, Hannah, Jason, and the entire 54 businesses team & Family.  Next stop: Making Festival Parking Easy.     -Team Paeity