Week 18: Online Business Digest

Online Optimism is a digital marketing agency in New Orleans, founded in 2012 by Tulane grad, Flynn Zaiger.  This week, 52businesses is working with Flynn and his team to launch a new project that provides useful resources to people considering launching a startup in New Orleans.  Flynn has a vision to aggregate relevant information that new entrepreneurs can use to find new connections in various business sectors across the city.  

That’s all we can give away for now!  Check in later for updates.

Week 18 - online optimism

Blog Post (Day 1)

As a digital marketing agency in New Orleans, we’d like to think of ourselves as up-to-date on the goings on of new businesses in the city.  We’ve recently begun working with lots of new companies and start-ups, which piqued our interest in growing in this market.  When we began looking for more information, though, we found it scattered among a wide variety of sources.  New Hires were found on City Business, but more tech stories were being sourced from Silicon Bayou News.  There were many places that listed pitch competitions, but no one had created a central directory for them.

So we began collecting information and resources that would be useful to what was (and still is) a bit of an undecided project, but with a specific goal – to use our knowledge (and gathered data) to help create a stronger New Orleans business community.

At this weekend’s BarCampNOLA, I was sitting in 52businesses‘ presentation and realized that some necessary skills our team was missing – connections with entrepreneurial leadership around town, a better understanding of rapid business development – could be helped immensely by their team.  I spoke with Jason and Colin afterwards, and they were excited to help us take on such a project, even on very short notice.  So that’s how we got signed up!


Blog Post (Day 3)

When people talk about the work week, they might typically mean 5 days.  But that has no correlation to an entrepreneur’s work week, which is more often than not 7 days.

That has been very apparent this week, working with 52businesses.  I thought I was busy before with Online Optimism.  But that was nothing compared to attempting to pull off a brand launch, with full website (including useful data / calendar) in under seven days.  It’s slightly crazy…and a lot of fun.

Right now, we’re on track to hit the following targets / goals:

  • Create a New Brand (now called Favored To Launch)
  • Identify what the brand actually stands for
  • Come up with a business model (that is likely to change anyway, but it’s a good start)
  • Set up the website, which has a myriad of tasks that are far too varied for this small blog post to cover
  • Set up relationships with potential contacts
  • Prepare everything, and launch on Monday.

Will we hit our goal?  I think so.  And after seeing what we can do in 7 days, I’m excited to see the amazing work that can come out of this project after the first week.


Blog Post (End of Week)

One week is quick.  Really, really, really quick.  I think that’s the first thing I learned after working with 52businesses.

Our plans to launch the website exactly one week after we started the idea, on Monday, have sadly not come to pass.  It was admittedly a difficult endeavor to take on.  That’s not to say we haven’t been hard at work.  Simply, we’ve increased the scale of the project to where is required more hours of labor than we could spend last week.

So the project, working title Favored to Launch, is still being build.  We’re confident it’s going to be a major resource that will be used by lots of successful businesses, and we’re excited to launch it within the next two weeks!