Week 15: FitLot

This week 52businesses is working with Adam Mejerson, the founder of FitLot.  FitLot is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization committed to building outdoor fitness parks in communities across America. Adam just completed 10 months as a Social Venture Accelerator Fellow at Propeller.  Through the program, Adam developed a great structure for FitLot as well as a complete road map from funding-to-completion for a fitness park in New Orleans.

This week is a bit different than a typical week at 52businesses because our focus is on strategizing and solidifying funding rather than launching a business from scratch.  This will involve identifying key partners and setting up meetings with them (some of which Adam has already started conversations with through his Propeller connections), thinking about creative revenue streams for FitLot, and doing some final branding by consolidating his message.  Make sure to check in later this week for more updates!

Guest blog post on social media strategies for FitLot here.

Blog Post from Adam

Last week I spent A LOT of time with the 52businesses crew and we covered a lot of ground.  Supporting a functioning nonprofit organization wasn’t their typical week but I picked some new areas for them to tackle and we got a lot done.  After spending ten months developing FitLot in the Propeller Social Venture Accelerator program I was skeptical as to how much we could accomplish in 7 days, but I know that getting fresh eyes, perspectives and advice is something one should always be open to.

I spent the first day catching the 52 crew up on everything we have organized so far.  I told them about the pilot project we are planning at the Sojourner Truth Community Center and how the fitness park will be only a few feet off the long awaited Lafitte Greenway.  I explained how our future fitness park will be free and open to a neighborhood of 1,200 people and that hundreds more will pass by it each day on the greenway’s walking and biking trail.  We also discussed the Neighborhood Coaches Program and how we have organized to have returning veterans trained and sponsored to be free personal trainers for people who want to take control of their health but need some extra help and advice.

After a lot of catching up we picked strategic areas to tackle and the 52 crew came up with a game plan for the week. Colin immediately identified key operational areas he wanted to focus on while Jason had ideas of who could be helpful for me to colloborate with.  Tuesday and Wednesday were a mixture of strategy meetings and consulting.  We would spend an hour diving into a specific area of interest,  like operational development or sponsorship opportunities and then a friend of 52 would come by to consult me about grants, marketing, PR or social media strategy.  These mini consulting sessions were really helpful because it gave me an opportunity to ask questions about problem areas I have been working through but had specific questions about.

On Thursday and Friday, Max spent a lot of time helping me neaten up my online presence, he touched up my website(FitLot.org) created donation buttons and organized my inboxes, which was tremendously helpful.   As someone who spends 80% of their day working by themselves, it was great to have a team of people to brainstorm and strategize with, giving me a glimpse of what FitLot will look like once we have a team of our own. Now that our 7 days are over I can say that my week with 52 has helped us get closer to that point.

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