Week 14: Dancingman504

Week 14 is a fun one!  Dancingman504, Darryl Young, is King of the 2nd Line, and we have the pleasure of expanding his business this week.  

Dancingman504 has been featured on television, in commercials, at local and international events, and even all days of the NFL Experience and Game Day, Superbowl XLVII.  In addition to his performances, Dancingman504 teaches a uniquely New Orleans fun-ness (fitness) program called “Heal2Toe”, for kids of all ages.  He created BrassXcise, a fitness regimen to brass band music as you learn 2nd Line dance with Dancingman504.  Classes are now held at the Rhythmic Arts Center, 2358 St. Claude Ave. in New Orleans.

Dancingman504 wants to formalize his business, and 52businesses is here to help.  We are working on improving branding for Dancingman504 and expanding his reputation from 2nd Line performer to 2nd line fitness guru (or fun-ness, as Darryl would put it).

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[toggle title = “Dancingman504 describes New Orleans second line culture”]

We asked Dancingman504 to describe New Orleans second line culture.  Here is what he had to say:

A second line parade is a traditional celebration of New Orleans culture.  Members of social aid and pleasure clubs, as well as the brass band, generally lead the parade.  Participants from the community are always welcome to join in as part of the second line, with distinctive forms of dancing, twirling of parasols, and waving of handkerchiefs in the air.  Second line parades are often created the celebrate weddings, holidays, or special social events.  Second lines are also interwoven into jazz funerals.  Typically, the brass band will begin with slow hymns or dirges to honor the passing of a loved one.  The procession changes to an upbeat tempo and a kaleidoscope of dancing and chants to commemorate the life of an individual.