Talking Business – Finding the Right Agent and Other Pointers

Dancingman504 and I had a great meeting with Professor Massa from the Loyola Business School.  Propeller was hopping today with a conference
called “Deconstructing Homophobia and Transphobia… A Way Forward!” so we had to roll with it and have the conference call in the car.

Felipe Massa

Felipe Massa – Assistant Professor of Management, Loyola University

We had a good idea of what DM504’s business strategy should be, but Felipe (as he asked us to call him) broke it down very simply.

1) He needs an LLC to protect him personally.

2) He needs the right agent to get him booked in the right places.

Making the LLC is easy, but here are some of Felipe’s tips on getting the right agent:

1) Make a “multimedia resume” that illustrates how Dancingman504 brings value to those who book him. This can include:

  • Pics of him getting the crowd into it
  • Testimonials from well known people around NOLA
  • A video that demonstrates the same

2) Speak their language.  Show the metrics that they care about.

  • Attendees staying longer

    52b in the car

    The 52b team taking calls in the car

  • Buying more drinks
  • More social engagement
  • More and better word of mouth

We hit on a few other subjects that are worth mentioning:

  1. DM504 should talk to people who do this kind of booking and learn from their perspective – we will be setting up a few meetings for him this week.
  2. DM504 should know how people are currently finding him to book him for appearances or for his Heal2Toe and BrassXcise classes.
  3. SEO might be important.  In building his website, we should pick a few keywords to go after.   Really, DM504 should come up if you Google “Having a good time in New Orleans,” “New Orleans Music,” or perhaps “New Orleans Second Lines.”  We will strategically pick a few of these to focus on as we build his site.