Times Picayune

“For 52businesses, Another Week, Another Business” – Times Picayune 3/25/14

Jed Lipinski follows up his initial article about our venture with this great piece documenting the creation of Touracle: One week into their mission to launch 52 businesses in a year, the three partners of 52 Businesses had slept little but accomplished a lot. They launched their first business, the 52 Businesses entity itself, and over the weekend Read more about “For 52businesses, Another Week, Another Business” – Times Picayune 3/25/14[…]


Week 2: Touracle

Our team has come up with a killer tourism industry innovation with huge disruptive potential that we’ll kick off this weekend at Destination Hackathon and then finish constructing next week during NOEW. The Idea: Nowadays, when visiting a city, tourists don’t want to do “tourist-y things,” instead, they want to experience life like a local Read more about Week 2: Touracle[…]


Week 1: 52businesses (itself)

While the idea of 52businesses has steadily evolved inside our cofounders’ heads for many months, up until this week, we had yet to build anything “real.” This week, we will bring 52businesses to life by establishing our brand, building out the website, getting the word out about our venture, giving Bob a face lift, and Read more about Week 1: 52businesses (itself)[…]