Social Media Content and Small Business: Stop Thinking Like a Business!


The number one question I get about social media for business is, “what should I post?” For anyone using social media professionally, this dilemma can be a huge hurdle. If you’re a mega corporation, and there is a paid social media team working behind the scenes, content is not hard to come up with.

What if you’re a small business? What do you post?

Rene (NOT Renee), is the owner of Cafe 821, an awesome little French cafe on Baronne in the CBD District. Rene runs his business all by his lonesome, which means he is a busy man. Stressing over social media is not something Rene has time for.

But, social media is the best form of media for directly connecting with current and potential customers. Establishing yourself as a leader in your niche, and reaching social media influencers.

Remember that SOCIAL media is all about being SOCIAL. It is one giant conversation. Do not think “what can I post that will work?” Think “what can I post that will be part of a conversation or start one with the people that are important to my business?”

Back to Rene. This New Orleans native and former TV weather guy just moved back from Montreal to open Cafe 821. Rene oozes personality and friendliness. This shows in every single interaction Rene has with a customer. Rene, who also speaks fluent French, needs to take his likeable personality to social media.
The best form of action for Renee, find people via social media that are important to his business. An example
of this might be:

− People who have the word “French” and “New Orleans” in a twitter or instagram profile.

− Local Facebook pages and groups who are dedicated subjects centering around “coffee” or “French”

− New Orleans and Louisiana twitter personalities, dedicated to food, coffee, or french subjects, that have a large follower count.

− French speaking folks of New Orleans.

Rene’s business is as much about his personality, as it is about espresso, belgian waffles, and croissants. For social media, all Rene has to do is to be himself and share his thoughts, feelings, and ideas with others. When I told Rene to be “just be you” on social media, he expressed worry over not being “business enough.” He then excused himself to go help a customer, and complete stranger, who had no idea what to order. After a few moments of conversation and a chuckle or two, the customer was walking out with a smile while destroying a ham and cheese croissant.

I told Rene, “That interaction right there? Go do that on social media. You’ll kill it” Bottomline, do not be afraid to be a business owner and a real life person at the same time. This is what wins customers over on social media and in small business.

Here are a few examples of New Orleans business personalities (Businalities?) who do a great job of knowing how to connect with their target demographic.

@pizzanola –

@steinsdeli –

@nolasmokehouse –

@fleurtygirl –

You’re already a risk taker by opening your own business. Take a chance, be yourself on social media. It just

might work.

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