Dreams, Drones, and Determination!

        We received an incredible message from a freshly minted entrepreneur, Robert Quarantello from Houston. Three months ago, he opened Space City Drones, and has since seen his small business continue to grow. As part of our mission to help people start their new businesses, responsibly, we were humbled and excited to hear about Robert’s story. With his permission, we’re sharing his progress, in hopes that it helps others to responsibly take that first entrepreneurial step.

“When 52businesses first started, I was shocked that a few young guys like me were not scared to start a business a week, yet I was held back for 3 years– by being scared to start only one. I continuously thought how incredible it would be to own my own business but I could never think of “the one” idea. Even when I thought I had one, I would drop it due to being worried about failing. 2Gz1Pyk5

After 52businesses was their 2nd, 3rd business, I couldn’t believe it. I knew it wasn’t going to stop until you hit 52; so, I had to at least start one. After a few weeks of thinking, I finally decided to take the plunge and start my own company. Having enjoyed many RC products throughout my childhood (still do), I figured that would be the best fit, allowing my business to be more of a passion than work. Due to the recent attention drones are receiving, I knew that would increase my likelihood of success. With some help setting up my LLC, I setup shop in a spare parts room at my current job, I took out a small loan to buy a minimal inventory, made a simple website, and I was off! 

The fear melted away, and realized how unfounded that fear was. While starting the company was (and is) a ton of hard work, it isn’t scary–and I love it. I do not think I would have had the motivation to start this company without watching the 52businesses do it, weekly. I just wanted to Thank You an encourage others to take the calculated first step, if they’re so inclined. Now, my business is going surprisingly well, which as you could imagine, is very exciting. While my original goal was simply to earn back the loan amount over the course of the first year, it’s been only 3 months and I’ve already earned more than 5x the loan amount. So, thank you for everything you do.”


Congratulations to Robert, and to everyone who has started down the entrepreneurial  path. If you have a story you’d like to share, feel free to do so. We’re always excited to hear about new entrepreneurial projects. info@52businesses.com