Social Media Sunday School: WTF is “Newsjacking” anyway?

Check out this great Social Media Sunday School article by Megan Hargroder of Week 4 (Our Social Tribune).  She has a ton of great material and more information here.


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Social Media Sunday School: WTF is “Newsjacking” anyway?

Newsjacking: (v) the process of injecting your brand into the day’s news, creating a twist that grabs eyes when they’re open widest. (made popular by the David Meerman Scott book of the same name)

I first discovered newsjacking in 2011 when I was writing a weekly social media columnfor Silicon Bayou News.

Most weeks, I’d write helpful “how to” guides on navigating the world of social media.

But one week, Ashton Kutcher put his foot in his mouth on Twitter AND THE WHOLE INTERNETS WAS TALKING ABOUT IT.

So I wrote this article about ghost tweeting, using Ashton Kutcher as a reference point, and my average post views went from under 300 to almost a thousand.

That’s TRIPLE the traffic for no goddamn reason other other than keyword tags, y’all.

So now, whether I’m blogging for my company or my clients, I keep relevant news in mind – because it’s a huge factor not only in terms of relevancy to the reader, but also in terms of Google recognizing your content as “news.”

My favorite tool for this is

As you can imagine, today’s top trends are all World Cup related:

You can also drill down by topic and sign up for email updates on topics that you care about.

However I don’t find this extremely useful in cases when I have to write about, let’s say, Pinterest, and need some specific. 

So for that situation, I’d use and search “Pinterest:”

For maximum effect with Newsjacking, the key is to act quickly – when the news is just at it’s peak.



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