Social Media Sunday School: How to Influence Influencers

Yet another great read from Megan Hargroder.  More from Megan here.



Part 1: Your Network and Potential Reach 

Sure, we’d all love access to an attentive audience of millions upon launch of our new product, but let’s face it: we are confined by limitations: 

Limitation 1: Your network and potential reach

Limitation 2: Your product’s specificity

Limitation 3: Your approach 

The role of influencers is vital to overcome these limitations. 


Because your indirect audience has no reason to trust you yet. But they DO trust their favorite blogger, author, yoga teacher, healthy food critic, etc. 

So you’ve got to get in bed with them (so to speak). 

By having influencers support and back your product, you are not only opening up your network reach to THEIR audience, but also to their audiences audience. 

The key to making this super effective is to choose exactly the right influencers for your product (they’ll be easy to find online) and then to approach them with your pitch (this is the part most people get too intimidated to actually do).

So that’s why this edition of #SundaySchool is happening in 3 parts. 


Become aware of potential influencers that could gain you fans, followers, buyers etc. 

Here’s how:

First assess: are you a product or a service?

If you’re a service, you should look for people who provide complementary products.
If you’re a product, you should look for people who provide complementary services.

So if I have a line of holistic health products based only in New Orleans, I want to search for health and lifestyle consultants that would be able to promote my products.

How to find them: Do a broad google search for your target market keywords (specify city if it’s local).

Top Google search results for holistic health in New Orleans:

So those would be two leads for potential influencers.

(But don’t start calling them just yet…)

Keep searching for potential influencers throughout the week.

Keep a list or note in your phone of who these people are and how hard or difficult you think it would be to approach them with your pitch.

Next week, we’ll drill down deeper into each potential influencer to see what their reach could be for your product, and if your product is actually one that makes sense for them to promote!

Then, I’ll tell you my tried and true formula to getting your key influencers to say YES to sharing your product or service with THEIR audience.

– Till next week!