Social Media Sunday School: How to Influence Influencers

Yet another great post from Megan Hargroder.  More from Megan here.



Part 3: Getting influencers to say “yes!” to sharing YOUR product or message with THEIR audience:

Stalk your influencers.

That’s right, we are back to stalking.

Because you should know a few things about someone before asking them to jump in bed with you.

For example: if they’re a blogger – what are some recent things they’ve been posting about?
Have they featured a product similar to yours? If they are a Youtube influencer – does your product “vibe” with their personality?
Take all things into account so that when you pitch your product as a “great fit,” it’s because it is.

THE PITCH EMAIL (my formula):

*Important: this shouldn’t go over 2 short paragraphs of 3 sentences or less (ideally less).

**More Important: some influencers have already outlined the exact format in which they receive pitches. Follow it. Exactly.

1. Briefly describe what you are doing and how it could BENEFIT the influencer.

2.  Include something you know about the influencer or their company that makes your pitch especially relevant. Make it about THEM, and show them you’ve done your homework.

3. Make a specific request and ask how and if you can get them more info, and/or ask about rates/cost.

4. Include some variation of “I know how valuable your time is – thank you so much for taking a moment to review my idea.”

* I really like “idea” instead of “offer,” or “pitch,” because it sounds fun and interactive rather than like a business transaction.

So how much is this going to cost?

You don’t know until you ask…

Depending on your avenue, your cost/fees could range from free to lots of dollars.

So if your budget for marketing is under $500 – you probably shouldn’t opt for something like Influenster or Klout.

But say you just created a new line of organic mascara.

You could research Youtube influencers with a follower base of under 10,000 who post periodic “how to apply makeup” tutorials and often focus on natural products.
Find about 3 different individuals, reach out with your pitch and ask how much it would cost for them to feature your product.

(Yes, that’s a picture of Lauren Conrad. No, Lauren Conrad probably won’t wear your mascara on Youtube for $500. This is just an example).

– Till next week!