Week 8 : SEO Consultation with Megan Hargroder

I had a great meeting with Megan Hargroder, founder of conversations.be and oursocialtribune.com, and she supplied me with a ton of SEO pointers for Week 8’s business, writingyourownvows.com. We’ll run our initial test with CPC ads to validate the concept, but the plan is to hit it hard with SEO once the business is proven.

Here are some of the takeaways. It’s a lot. Pay attention…

Immediately, Megan knew that Pinterest would be our main outlet for SEO–that’s where our customers are.


  • Follow people with wedding boards
  • Make wedding boards, beautiful invitation, bridesmaid, groomsmen, wedding details, diy wedding
  • Vows – link out to my resources, HOW TO series, 5 tips, see more at…
  • Hashtags – #weddingvows, #weddingvowideas, other keywords, #DIY wedding
  • 20-30% linking out to myself
  • Post blogs with pinterest quality images (stock photos) on writingyourownweddingvows.com to link to

Pinterest Wedding Vows


  • Look at recently married friends, borrow cool pics
  • Target people who are engaged
  • Post on groups about wedding planning
  • Make simple page with fake fans
  • Direct people to the site, not the FB page

Don’t lean in with FB or Twitter

Look at The Knot, consider for paid ads

  • That’s the number one player

The Knot

Collect email addresses for mailing list

  • Have a VA scrape info for wedding related service businesses to target
  • Offer our service as a resource
  • Email blast easy digital representation, email signup / form – “if you’d like to use this as a service”, send them packets
  • Not affiliate, just helpful
  • Give easy package for linkbacks


  • Use IFTTT to turn Google News results into unique content, full of DIY wedding stuff

Help a Reporter Out

  • As a Reporter, post a query for wedding vow related advice
  • Dozens of wedding professionals will send leads
  • Use the good leads as content
  • See if the authors want to opt in to your mailing list
  • Engage with the authors on social media

HARO Query

Get Analytics Installed

  • Before sending traffic
  • This data is very valuable

Neil patel’s Quicksprout Website Analyzer

Quicksprout Website Analyzer




Yahoo! Answers

  • Post a relevant question and have someone else answer it
  • Easy link, probably not worth much

Youtube channel with tips

  • Google really wants people to use their products

Ditto with Google+, Blogger, and any other google products

After proof of concept:

Check out Megan’s SocialMediaSundaySchool.com – 5 mins or less once a week, top 3 things you need to know!