Secrets to Success from Queen of Burlesque – Trixie Minx


Last week, we had the great pleasure of meeting with Trixie Minx, the undisputed queen of burlesque in New Orleans, for advice with Acrodisiac. Her story was amazing and her advice was inspirational. I think it will be very helpful for anyone in business, especially anyone who is a performer. Here is the gist.

Love of the performance comes first – “I am my product.” It’s essential to work with likeminded individuals who are invested in their product AND themselves. You need to care about them succeeding as much as yourself and make sure they feel this. An audience loves to see a group of friends having fun, not “performers.” “No one is a good enough actor to fake it.” Over time, you want to develop a balance between shows that feed the soul and those that feed the bank account. “You can get to the top by pushing others down, but you will not stay there”

Her basic philosophy was that a rising tide raises all boats. This is exactly what we believe at 52businesses. Basically comes down to loving what you do and treating people well. This is why everyone enjoys Fleur de Tease’s shows so much and loves to work with Trixie. I think we all hoped that these were the keys to success, but its great to have the idea validated by someone like Trixie.