Quick Tips: Team Communication

Quick tip:  Do not try to jump in and explain what your team member is trying to say.  If YOU are having trouble explaining yourself, ask if another team member understands and can explain for you.

Over the last two weeks, as the team adjusted to our unusual working situation, we’ve had a crash course in intra- and inter-team communication.

In this no-sleep environment, we’ve had many decision-making moments where the team member proposing something was too fried to communicate, much less fully formulate his idea.  As a result, we got in the bad habit of  jumping in and attempting to explain (and anticipate) what another team member was saying before he could finish saying it.

We learned pretty quickly that this habit is unhelpful and divisive.  So, we’ve made a soft policy that we will no longer attempt to explain each other’s ideas.  And if an individual has trouble explaining something, we recommend that the individual ask if another team member understands and can rephrase it, rather than getting frustrated and potentially condescending.

FN:  (We use the masculine pronoun because all the people who were involved in these spats were men.  Not because we want to exclude women from our generalizations.)