Parting thought from team Paeity – Week 20

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We’ve had quite the busy week with @52businesses.  We can not believe that it’s our last day.  Today, we created a thorough spreadsheet for our first year that broke down the financial aspects of Paeity.  We then went and reviewed and discussed some minor aesthetic changes, based on the feedback we received. We also talked to Joe Conte ( about our future platform ideas.  Let’s just say there are some amazing things ahead!

After lunch we did a review of how the week went.  We discussed the information some our guest speakers had given us and how to apply the aspects we liked in a timely, relevant manner. All of the documents and timetables were given a final group look over and made notes on how they would evolve as Paeity evolves.

Overall, Paeity went from being a great idea to a great idea with focus and direction.  Things we learned included not over complicate things, and to make sure your message is clear and concise.  We are now in a position to take our idea to solve a problem, and now actually go solve it.  The tools and education we received are priceless. Our time here was most enjoyable and we are grateful for the experience.  Thank you to Colin, Max, Hannah, Jason, and the entire 54 businesses team & Family.  Next stop: Making Festival Parking Easy.     -Team Paeity