Introducing Our New Intern Class, Chelsey Izegbu & Branum Stephan

Intern, Chelesy Izegbu

52businesses Intern, Chelesy Izegbu

Name: Chelsey Izegbu

School: Loyola University New Orleans

Year: Sophomore

Major: Doubling in Economics & Finance

Activities: Alpha Kappa Psi, Professional Business Fraternity, Loyola Economics Club, Loyola Society for Civic Engagement

About Me: I am currently an Economics and Finance double major from Houston, Texas. I hope to one day use my economics and finance degree to initiate growth and help develop the economies of third world countries. I would also like to one-day work for the United Nations in the economic and social development sector.

Growing up I have always been surrounded by a business like environment. My father is the founder of his own company and my mother an accountant. Going into the business field has always been a dream of mine. I knew as a child that one day I wanted to be involved with a major that allows me to be capable of success in any field of business I choose. Business is greatly integrated in every aspect of our life. Oftentimes we forget how vital the foundation of a business degree is to our future.

Through 52businesses I hope to gain knowledge and experience of the successes and struggles of developing a business. I am excited to work with startup businesses and see how their business develops in a short time frame. Whether or not you aspire to be an entrepreneur the knowledge of how to successfully create sustainable growth within any business platform is important. At the end of this internship I want to be able to apply the strategic process for taking action and apply what I have learned to my everyday life.


52businesses Intern, Branum Stephan

52businesses Intern, Branum Stephan

Name: Branum Stephan

School: Louisiana State University

Year: Junior

Major: Petroleum Engineering (B.S.P.E.)

Activities: Society of Petroleum Engineers, LSU Intramural Soccer Team, Phi Sigma Theta

About Me:  Hi, my name is Branum Stephan. I am originally from Mississippi, but moved to Baton Rouge to study Petroleum Engineering at LSU. I am an outgoing person, and in addition to my technical based field of study, I enjoy learning about the many aspects that make up the field of business. Besides schooling, I spend most of my time cooking or learning new music on the guitar. I like to read, travel and go to various concerts as well.

Upon graduating, I hope to work in the oil field as a reservoir engineer. I really enjoy the international aspect of the oil and gas industry and am also minoring in Spanish, in hopes that one day I can work in South American oil. I really enjoy learning about various fundamentals that make a successful business, and hope that one day I can start my own oil affiliated business from the skills that I aquire from fieldwork and internships such as this one.

I hope to learn very much about the business world from this internship. I hope that I can better my personal organization skills as well as the interpersonal communication skills that come with working in team based environments. I believe that upon learning these skills, I will be very  much closer to pursuing the dreams I strive for. I look forward to the upcoming weeks with 52 businesses, and hope to bring nothing but my best effort to the team.