Introducing Colin Grussing

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Name:Colin Grussing

Job Description:  Founder and President

Alma Mater:  Yale (Timothy Dwight ’07)

Degree:  Mechanical Engineering

Other ventures:,,  Real Estate Investor

Trivia:  Appeared on ABC’s SharkTank in 2013




Q: What made you decide to become an entrepreneur?

A: I just didn’t want to get a job. My parents are both self employed. After college I did six to seven random projects. After you graduate you realize pretty quickly how hard it is to save money. So I thought: how can I make money without working?

Q: What was it like being on Shark Tank?

A: It was great. We drove out there and set up this elaborate presentation. Talking to the sharks was really fun. They’re all interesting people and pretty nice. It was stressful going into it but once I got there it was fun.

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