How to Use Reddit to get Honest Feedback

How to Use Reddit to get Honest Feedback 

You’ve already heard of Reddit, but like me, have probably passed it off as “an online community of yesteryears that has no current value.” 


If you’re looking to get honest feedback on a new project from experts in your industry to really pinpoint how you could be doing things better — TRY THIS.


Recently, I decided to ask what the other social media geeks on Reddit (sub reddit:/socialmedia) think about Social Media Sunday School.

About 10 or so people wrote back with insight, critique and feedback.

I got a lot of really positive feedback, but the negative feedback is what was really useful.

Here are some examples: 

1. Why is it called Sunday School? That makes me think of church. Your branding is confusing. (This was good feedback. Someone also suggested that adding a clear tag line to header materials would help clarify – so that’s in the works now.)

2. Who writes this? Why should I trust you? You need to establish authority. 
(Duh! Why didn’t I think of that! So I asked Steph to write and “about” page to address this, and she made me sound like a badass.)

3. This seems pointless. I already have a curated news RSS feed. You’re not really doing anything special or unique. (Whaaaaat? This is not a curated RSS. Feedback unaccepted. You wish your RSS had sass like me. ::drops the mic::

So you see, Reddit feedback is not for the faint of heart.

If you have a lot of feelings and are just looking for a validating pat on the back – ask your mom for feedback. [CLICK TO TWEET THIS]

Because the people who respond don’t know you from Adam and they don’t give two shits about your feelings. 


Guess what?

If the feedback and critique wasn’t valuable enough, I also got a ton of new signups for #SundaySchool from people who read the post.

WAY more than when I pimp myself out and try to convince people to sign up.


Because I didn’t ask them to sign up.

I just asked for humble feedback – which got people curious about what the hell this is all about.



P.S. Are you joining Sunday School for the very first time? 

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