How to Use Reddit Effectively (and Avoid the Downvote)


Reddit can be an excellent resource for disseminating ideas and getting feedback.  A successful post can generate a ton of traffic to your sites or give you the input from people from all walks of life.  However, trying to game reddit is dangerous because redditors will turn on you.  To be successful, you have to respect redditor’s rules and become a valuable member of the community.

Here’s some tips that we’ve learned from past adventures:


1) Be legit.  Pretending things like “I found this cool…” as a way to trick people into being interested won’t work.  Instead, say, “I’m doing this, what do you think about this [insert specific question.]”


2) Abide by the rules on the sidebar.  Every subreddit has a set of rules clearly posted to the right of the page.  Read them before you post.  We cannot emphasize this one enough.  If you break one of the rules, you’ll get down-voted, your post might get deleted by the moderators (the people who care enough to maintain the subreddit on their free time), and you lose credibility.  For example, on the popular subreddit todayilearned, it states clearly that you cannot post anything under 2 months old.  Break that rule, and feel the wrath.


52 businesses

This is the sidebar.


Example of recent Reddit Wrath

3) Be responsive.  If you ask a question, go back and reply to every comment.  People hate spam and if you’re not interacting, it seems like your question was bullshit.
4) Engage in subreddits that are natural for you.  An easy way to start using reddit and build karma (aka cred)  is to simply find something you are already inherently interested in, and start posting, commenting, and following that subreddit.  There are more subreddits than we can count, so chances are, if it’s your thing, it’s someone else’s thing too.  If not, start your own subreddit.