Healthy Living for Entrepreneurs

Mens sana in corpore sano” is a famous Latin quote that essentially translates out to “a sound mind in a healthy body”, and if there’s one we can attest to is that a healthy body can beget a healthy mind. The healthier your mind, the keener you are in the brainstorming and decision making department. With this being said, we reached out to the entrepreneurial community again to hear what they have to say about healthy living and general weight loss. Here are just some of the answers, more to come in the future:

David Bradley

Entrepreneurs typically work long, exhausting hours which leads to two things. First, there’s little time to eat throughout the day. Second, there’s little interest in stopping to eat when there’s other work to do.

Intermittent fasting can be the key. It takes some getting used to, as the premise is that you will eat all your food in a given day within an 8-hour time frame (or less!). I recommend starting the day with a cup of coffee with some grass-fed ghee or butter and coconut oil mixed in. It gives you the fat content so you have something for a clean burn, and it will get you through the morning without having to eat. If you can make it to noon, start eating then, and finish at 8pm. You will burn fat and feel great!

Namrate Kothari – Co-founder, InOnIt

My name is Namrata Kothari, and I am co-founder at

Please find below 3 tips from the entrepreneurs, Meghna Mittal and myself.

  1. Eliminate sugar from your tea and coffee. *Even though this is a passive one, it is very useful. Long hours and caffeine intake tend to go hand in hand, but that doesn’t mean your sugar intake should also go up. We completely cut it out of our caffeinated beverages. Although our taste buds did not agree with sugarless coffee to begin with, we’re now completely adjusted, and wouldn’t switch back to sugary sweet tea or coffee.
  2. Water Your Body App (Free for iPhone and Android). *Almost everyone in our office got this. As you’re engrossed in work, you sometimes just forget to keep yourself hydrated. This app reminds you to drink up every hour…lots and lots of H20.
  3. Take the stairs. *Our office is on the 16th floor, and we make it a point to take the stairs up at least once a week.

If you need any information about us, please get in touch.

Mark Clement – General Contractor/DIY Expert, MyFixitUpLife

We believe health and fitness are a profit center, so we’d love to comment on this.

Our business is a blend of long hours clicking and clacking at the desk, eating leaden hotel food and bouts of being physically and mentally ‘on.’ Here are some of the things we do to keep the tach right up to redline without blowing up—and so we can smile and enjoy what we do, which is where I’ll start:

-Us. We’re producers and co-hosts of the MyFixitUpLife show and the design | build team for Food Network’s Save My Bakery. More broadly, we produce media in the home improvement space, everything from radio to articles and photography to video. We travel, speak, and build all around the country. And we’re riveted to our computers or car seats driving our kids around when the cameras are off.

We know first hand that making that last call before the client goes home or hacking out that first email or Facebook post keeps and gets things moving, so just snagging a coffee is easier than taking a walk. I’m doing it right now. So here are some ways we short circuit the feedback loop at home and on the road:

Forget the ‘make it a priority’ mantra. Make it a PROFIT priority. No one really counts sick days and the stuff associated with poor diet and weight as a time-suck and money-sink, but it is. And it gets worse as you get older. So, we invest in our health as much as investing in a new printer or employee. Whatever you choose to do—eat right, go to the gym, etc.—make it your work and then work at it. Hell, as entrepreneurs, life and work are a mash-up anyway.

The Gym (I know, gag). Learn your body and what works for it. Join a gym if fitness is a new thing for you. And if you have kids, join a gym with a kid’s club/babysitting. Without it, I would not go to the gym at all.

Bring a snack. I don’t know how they get so much salt and yummy-tasting ick into hotel and restaurant food, but they do. You can’t live entirely on grocery store food on the road (and who wants to?) but try it for breakfast: Bring oatmeal and heat up water in the hotel room coffee pot instead of slathering down a waffle in the lobby. Also, try protein powder, milk, etc for healthy hits before you leave the room.

It’s not jail. We make it a mission to leave the hotel. Take a walk (safely). Take a jog. Find a way to break a sweat. Take a peek at the town you’re in before everybody else gets up. Even if you got tanked at the business gig the night before, man (woman)-up. It’ll get your blood flowing for the day anyway. And at home, same thing: a few walks during the day amount to the same amount of time surfing Facebook or scores while your mind recoils from whatever has exhausted it.


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