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How to mind map your business ideas.

Let’s say you’ve just had that grand spark of inspiration. You’ve got the world’s next big thing and you’re ready to take it to market. 

But how?

There’s a huge number of things you’re going to want to consider before diving head-first into this adventure. What is your USP? How about your marketing strategy? What about your CI, logo, website? Operations, sourcing, packaging, shipping, pricing, manufacturing, tracking, legal, sales… Which of these should you handle yourself and which should you outsource? Which tools will you need to make your workflow as efficient as possible?

Well, one of the tools you should definitely consider getting acquainted with is mind mapping. A mind map is essentially a diagram that enables you to brainstorm, plan and outline your ideas visually. Mind maps not only give you a great overview of where your business stands at the moment, but also where it’s heading. The best part? Mind mapping doesn’t feel like work.

So how exactly can mind mapping help you with your business? Here are three uses that we think will bring your workflow to the next level:

#1 The creativity tool: The process of creating a mind map is one of the best methods to spark new thoughts and get an unobstructed flow of ideas going. You can use it to brainstorm new project ideas and improve your problem solving abilities.

#2 The task management tool: You can turn your mind map into a “web of to-do lists” and assign deadlines that are linked to your calendar. When a map is shared with multiple collaborators, you can even assign tasks to them. 

#3 The information management tool: Having a single, centralized place to collect and structure information in a meaningful way and access it in the right moment can make the difference between success and failure. Mind maps can store vast amounts of information and hold anything from notes and links to files and images.

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About the author: Raphaela Brandner is the Marketing and Content Manager at MindMeister where she blogs about mind mapping, productivity and visual thinking in business and education.