Growth Hacking Strategies 101

The success of Week 6’s business depends heavily upon our ability to develop and implement a premiere marketing strategy for our patriotic-themed clothing line. So, we reached out to the entrepreneurial community for advice on their favorite growth hacks. Here are some of our favorite answers:

Gozde Aksay – Co-founder, Salary Fairy:

Our members receive crowdsourced salary predictions based on their LinkedIn profile. When their salary prediction is ready we show them the prediction result, but also ask them to share Salary Fairy on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. They receive a detailed salary prediction report with distribution charts of predictor job titles and locations if 3 of their friends join Salary Fairy.

This marketing strategy has proven to be effective, since it requires zero marketing budget and conversion rates are very high due to the power of the social media instead of paid ads. Currently 20% of our new members join us via this referral program.

Lauren – PR Coordinator, Unroll.Me

Unroll.Me is a 2 year-old startup that allows users to mass unsubscribe from the email subscriptions they no longer want to receive and place the ones they want to keep in a daily digest email called the Rollup.

Between December 2013 and March 2014 Unroll.Me saw a huge growth spurt, growing from 150K users to 700K users. This was largely due to how we implemented a social share process for our users. Users have two options: they can share how many subscriptions we found after scanning their inbox and then they are allowed to unsubscribe unlimitedly OR they can start unsubscribing and test out our service and then on the 5th unsubscribe they are prompted to share Unroll.Me with their social network (Facebook, Twitter, Email). Just the users that shared Unroll.Me on Facebook, helped us get well over 200K users.

Ian Aronovich – Cofounder and CEO,

My name is Ian Aronovich, and I am the president and co-founder of, a site that compiles and provides information about government auctions of seized and surplus merchandise from all over the country.

We do growth hacking by running free giveaway contests on Facebook. The only thing entrants have to do in order to enter is like our page and share it in order to increase their odds of winning. These contests not only help us gain exposure, but they also help sell our services to more people. On the average, each giveaway we hold gives us roughly 500 new social media followers and approximately 40 new customers. The prizes we offer aren’t even that expensive, but it’s the thrill of winning free stuff that draws people in.

Gary Tramer, Head of Strategy, WebReception:

For businesses looking to convert more leads, whether B2B or B2C, the number 1 growth hack ever is live chat.

Most of your readers will be familiar with PPC/SEO, etc – but 99.5% of them have never thought of actually talking to their visitors and converting the hard earned traffic.

What are your favorite growth hacking strategies? Let us know in the comments!

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