Week 29 – CinnamonBrooms.com

This week 52Businesses is excited to be working on CinnamonBrooms.com with our own intern Drew Goldsberry. The idea is to put a new twist to an old idea. At 52Businesses we encourage people to test ideas cheaply and believe the marketing of this old crafty item needs some tweaking to reach a younger demographic. So if you in need of a cheap, green solution to aerosol see if Cinnamon Brooms could be the thing missing in your life. When in doubt hang a Cinnamon Broom.

Blog Post (Day 1)

Had a great time doing the radio show this week talking about Cinnamon Brooms. I really love cinnamon brooms and believe it to be an overlooked product in our quest to make things smell good. Cinnamon Brooms with the help of the right marketing will be re-positioned to be the catch all solution to life’s smell problems. Cinnamon Oil + Birch Branches = Cinnamon Brooms. Its just that Simple.

We are excited to be working with 52Businesses and hope to use this week to flush out both day to day operations and long term goals.  We hope to launch when this week is up, 11/9/2014 and hope to sell out the first day! You can get your Cinnamon Broom  at CinnamonBrooms.com, follow us @CinnamonBrooms on twitter and find us at On Facebook