Fund17 – Week 32

52 Businesses is excited to be working with fund17. Since the financial collapse of 2008, the world has increasingly shifted its attention to global income inequality and the predatory approaches present in the financial world. Our country’s success has been formulated through a combination of capital, risk, and trust. Fund 17 believes by extending these opportunities to all income brackets, we can bridge gaps and take down poverty in the world’s richest society.

Although income and opportunity inequality and financial exclusion are issues that plague many poor consumers in New Orleans, Fund 17 chooses to support micro-entrepreneurship as a first-step in tackling this complicated, systemic problem.In 2013, the rate of new businesses in New Orleans was at 56% higher than the national metro average (GNODC). New Orleans is an entrepreneurial, self-reliant, and resilient city. But, the services and financing tailored to poor micro-entrepreneurs simply do not exist on the scale that is needed. Fund 17 seeks to support micro-entrepreneurs that are statistically disadvantaged.



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