“Destination Hackathon: A Melting Pot of Passionate Innovators Disrupting the Tourism Industry” – SBN 3/25/14



Great article about Destination Hackathon, where we built Touracle, just aired on Silicon Bayou News:

When I walked through the Hyatt Regency’s 2nd floor lobby on my way to the 2014 New Orleans Destination Hackathon, I saw teams practicing their pitches, and it struck me:  New Orleans and tech go together like Abita and crawfish.  Everyone was clearly intelligent, talented, but most of all passionate. The ideals of self expression, cultural identity, and city pride were palpable. The scene represented NOLA perfectly. The room was a true melting pot. I saw piercings, mohawks, flannel, blazers, and varsity jackets alike. You could hear contestants and teams discussing how awesome it would be if their ideas could actually help the local economy. This was no ordinary conference.

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