Cooking up a social media strategy? Stock your social media content pantry first.

I was invited to meet Chef Shelley Everett down in the French Quarter. I knocked on the door of a private residence and immediately heard “come on in”. As I was just starting to think, “that’s not really safe to do”, this scene unfolded in front of me.

Chef Shelley and Glen


Over the next hour and a half, Chef Shelley told me incredible story after story. Oprah, famous

artists, incredible lows, and unbelievable highs were all part of her amazing life so far.

When I asked her about a social media plan for Gourmet Angel, Chef Shelley said, “I’m only on

Facebook to keep an eye on what my kids are doing. Other than that, I don’t know what to post!”

Here’s a woman who had just told she was once paid to fly out to a tropical resort and cook

meals for a millionaire and her friends. Chef Shelley has social media content oozing out of her

pores, but she just didn’t realize it.

Often, while Chef Shelley was telling a story, I would interrupt and tell her she needed a content

bucket. Call it a content pantry to fit the chef world or whatever you want, but Chef Shelley

needed a place to start storing these thoughts.

Each story is one is one post on a social media network.

The story about how Oprah still owes Chef Shelley money? Content pantry. The picture of Chef

Shelley and Glenn, our host? Content pantry. A question asking “what is your technique for

cutting onions?” Yep, you guessed it.

I keep notes on my iPhone. As I go through my day, I am constantly writing down ideas that I

might use for clients (or myself) later. A social media channel like Facebook is just the message

delivery system. In order to be social media successful, you need to have killer content first.

My point is this, stop worrying about what to post. Stop. Take a deep breath. Look around you.

What, in your day to day life, is happening that can be relevant to your business? Keep track of

your questions, photos, and ideas on a master list and come back to it later when it is time to


Then, when it is time, craft that message to fit the social media network you’re working with and

post it!

Before you can whip up a 5 star social media dinner, you have to have a fully stocked content