Cheats and Hacks

You’re busy! I’m busy! Errbody busy!

The cool thing is: in this day and age there are so many tricks and tips and cheats and hacks that save time that it’s unreal…

Here are some life savers that we use at Conversations on the regular: 


Need some extra hands but don’t necessarily want to hire an assistant? You needFancy Hands. It’s a dashboard of personal assistants who take care of tasks that you don’t want to do (like calling the sewerage and water board to report a leak or resolving a billing issue with AT&T – for about $3 per task by the task.

Other things they can help with: finding the perfect birthday gift for your sister, researching and organizing travel and booking appointments. 

Boom. Off your plate. 

Social Media Photos and Graphics

You already know that you need nice graphic and images to make your Social Media efforts POP like a water balloon.

What you might not know is that you don’t have to spend hours trying to put them together in photoshop (or money on a designer to do it for you).

Here’s how to cheat and make it look like you did: 

Canva boasts of being “the easiest design program in the world.” (And it is). Canva will let you do anything from basic design modifications to adding text to photos and even gives you lots of great ideas on what to create.

Screen Captures:
Take a screenshot of something on the web (note: do this for images of websites or portions of sites – do not take and post screengrabs of copyright images). For Mac, use the key combination shift + command + 4 and then you’ll be able to select the area you want to screenshot. For PC; it’s easier to download a program called Jing.

Don’t know why your Google+ graphics are being cut off? Psst… they’re the wrong size. You need THIS:

Our handy dandy Social Media Image Size Guide!

Any question you had about the sizing of profile pictures and banners – we have answer. Bookmark it. Share it. Love it. Live it.

What are your favorite tricks and hacks?

Share them over here on the Social Media Sunday School Blog!


The Conversations Team 


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