User-Friendly and Nutritious Pre-Orders with Celery

The team kicked off Week 5 with the audacious plan of writing and selling a children’s book knowing it was prime time to set up a sound revenue stream by selling a straightforward product.  The children’s book is an easily-digestible and marketable product which provides us with the opportunity to inspire future generations to explore the path of entrepreneurship.

 However, we hit a wall when we came to figuring out exactly how to operate the business’ e-commerce systems–specifically how to collect pre-orders.  PayPal wasn’t the right fit for the job and our searches were not turning up a user friendly pre-order service with considerable customization features.  Until we found Celery: took note of Celery a couple months ago and did a brief story on the company, writing that Celery is set up with just two lines of code.  Furthermore, the founders of Celery claim that you can begin taking pre-orders for your product in less time than it takes you to brush your teeth.

There were a few reasons I immediately liked Celery so much.  First, the company developed their product after recognizing a personal pain point–one of the co-founders saw how mediocre e-commerce pre-ordering systems were while working at Groupon.  Recognizing the need for a product which seamlessly integrates into already-established e-Commerce systems, the Celery team created two lines of code to completely accomplish this purpose. The cherry on top of Celery’s offering is their flat payment plan: a simple charge of 2% per transaction.

While the majority of all startups will fail, we do not see Celery taking this popular route.  They recently received a round of seven-digit funding and are effectively staking out their niche in the rapidly evolving e-Commerce space.  Celery’s product has provided great value to 52businesses this past week and we hope that their service can do the same for you.