Bob’s Manhattan Adventure: Fox News, Forklifts, and Food Fights – Silicon Bayou News 4/28/14

The team and Bob recently spent some time in New York City  for a TV appearance.  This week’s SBN post was written by Jason to shed a little more light on exactly how and why our mobile office ended up in the Big Apple. Read the intro below:

I have changed since we started 52businesses, 6 weeks ago–we all have.

Now, if I tell you that we need something, and you don’t tell me that it’s impossible, I know that we’re not on the right track. In fact if you don’t tell me it’s impossible while laughing at me, I’ll know something’s seriously wrong!

Don’t get me wrong, we’re not superheroes–heck, we’re not even as cool as their alter egos. Our experience ranges from college sophomore to successful serial entrepreneur.

We often attempt what others would consider to be the “the impossible”–more often than not we succeed (to some level). These are not the reasons for any of our accomplishments:

We’re not smarter
We’re not better connected
We’re definitely not better financed
Not because we’re getting more attention than you think your endeavor would
Not because we’re in any way special
Not because we’re only doing it for week (that’s not actually the case)

We’re able to accomplish what we do, because we simply removed “the bar” that people try to set “higher” or “lower.” That “bar” is collecting the proverbial dust, right next my Palm Pilot and VHS copy of Wallstreet. (Greed was never good).