Bob says thanks to Freret Street – Silicon Bayou News 4/13/14

Bob spent a little under two full weeks on Freret Street. The first week was nice, but the second week was a magical week of weather. Bob told us he did some good thinking under the sun and has been trying to share his thoughts with the world ever since. Somehow he convinced us and we let Bob have the mic again for our weekly Silicon Bayou News article.

Hello friends,

Bob here again. Don’t be afraid to follow me @BobtheBus52. I have been chilling at the same spot, near the corner Napoleon & Freret Street this week. The entrepreneurial atmosphere kicked so much ass that I have been posted up here for a second week. We have been working hard with two local entrepreneurs starting Our Social Tribune & Story Block Media.

First, the 52businesses team and I can’t thank the local entrepreneurs of Freret and their respective businesses enough for their generosity these past few days hosting us. We want to thank everyone for their hospitality and we apologize if we are forgetting any important names.


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