Bob Gets a Facelift

Bob, our very own Business Operations Bus, has quickly taken on a very real persona.  He wasn’t always the charismatic, “business in front-party in back” mobile office that he is now, however.  Check out the pictures and updates below to witness Bob’s transition from Mississippi-bred school bus to the most popular guy at every party:

side blue

Bob as we found him: a nameless blue bus facing an existential crisis–to be a school bus or to be an RV? That is the question.

Photo Mar 20, 5 38 59 PM

The first step in transforming Bob into our workstation was installing seating.  After installing benches in the center of the bus, we painted them blue to match the 52businesses color scheme.

Photo Mar 20, 5 39 14 PM

Most of the other wood surfaces throughout Bob were also painted 52businesses blue. These bunk beds located in the back, initially served as tool/supplies storage before being converted into comfy sleeping arrangements:

Photo Mar 21, 5 07 01 PM

Photo Mar 21, 5 07 13 PM

Next, Jason outfitted Bob’s interior with tables, stools, a fridge and other homey touches like a leafy plant.  The team finished off the interior by painting Bob’s ceiling with Idea Paint to create an open and functional work place.

Photo Mar 20, 5 37 56 PM

Up above, we constructed a porch/party deck on Bob’s roof to host our Saturday evening meetings and friendly gatherings:


The 52businesses signs were then added on both sides of the bus along with the water barrel Jason’s riding in the picture above, leaving us with a fully functioning shower and toilet in the back of the bus:

Photo Mar 20, 5 40 00 PM

BOB Bio shot

Bob sitting proudly outside the Hyatt Regency, where he was the hot topic of discussion at Destination Hackathon.

Photo Mar 20, 5 35 44 PM


  Bob is ready to roll! Keep an eye out, you’ll never know when he might just come rolling into your home town!