Benjy’s: The Evolution of an Idea

When Jason first pitched the idea for a patriotic clothing line this past Sunday night, I thought he was crazy.  I brushed the idea off and said I’d mull it over.  I know Jason loves his USA week swag, but he’s a weirdo.

While using Google Adwords Keyword Planner to do some preliminary research on the search volume for “patriotic clothing” and other related terms, I thought that the best case scenario for such a company would be selling a few dozen american flag tees for the 4th of July.  So, when Jason once again expressed the idea of starting a patriotic-themed clothing company at our Monday morning meeting (that’s right, we really did pick our business for the week on Monday), I anticipated that he’d be satisfied with us mulling it over for a few weeks and I secretly hoped he ultimately wouldn’t be able to win Max over.Jason America

But now, I’m totally psyched for Benjy’s.  When I was in college (it’s crazy that this was almost 10 years ago), people would only wear American flag gear ironically.  This pervasive sarcasm was very frustrating to me.  I remember wishing people would be sincere in their taste.   In my market research, I was very happy to see that this is no longer the case.  It seems that students these days are much more heartfelt in their style.  It’s great to see people sporting American flag clothing genuinely.

Also, the concept itself has really grown on me.  We came up with the brand concept of showcasing the dualistic ways people can show their pride.  We will proudly develop the boisterous, but aesthetically pleasing designs that Jason loves so much under the Benjy’s brand. On the other hand, we’ll also be creating a more subdued line of everyday clothes with a tasteful patriotic flare under the name Franklin.  Through these dual lines, you’ll be able to show your pride–tastefully…or not.

I’m also excited to develop future linees focused on showcasing regional/local pride.  I can’t wait for the NOLA leggings and Acadiana flag jacket.  Let us know what city, state, or community you’d like to show your pride for–tastefully…or not!