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Week 16: Social Media with Kiss Your Grits

Sweetly Say “Screw You” to Salty Online Reviews I know many service-based business owners, especially restaurants, who live and die by each and every online review. Maybe it’s Yelp, TripAdvisor, or on Facebook. A positive review means they are walking on air. A negative review has them heading to their own happy hour. Just like any Read more about Week 16: Social Media with Kiss Your Grits[…]

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Week 15: Social Media with FitLot

WANT AMAZING SOCIAL MEDIA FOR YOUR BUSINESS?  TRY THIS ONE AWESOME TRICK! By now, pretty much everyone on the planet has seen those ads for quick belly fat busting supplements.  Everyone also knows that those ads are complete scams. This week I sat down with Adam from FitLot, a 501c(3) nonprofit organization committed to building Read more about Week 15: Social Media with FitLot[…]