Adjusting to life in the Big Easy with 52businesses

Last week was my first as an intern with 52businesses and  I’ve already learned so much!

On my first day, I was introduced to the 52businesses team over coffee.  Next thing I knew, I was thrown into my first ever Monday morning meeting.  We were working with Katrina Brees last week, a New Orleans artist who wanted to launch her art bike business, KOLOSSOS.  During the meeting, Katrina and the team discussed business plans, accounting, finances, human resources, social media, and countless other things.  I was pretty overwhelmed during the meeting, so I tried to sit back and absorb everything that was happening around me.  People were bouncing ideas around and asking a lot of questions to get as much inforMonday morning meetingmation as possible very quickly.  At the end of the meeting, Katrina and the team chose which items we wanted to focus on for the rest of the week and then everyone was off to the races to get the job done.

I was kept plenty busy during my first week here.  In addition to helping out on the KOLOSSOS project, I learned how to use WordPress, learned some of basics of SEO optimization, and sat in on many meetings with the team.  I found that the most useful learning experiences so far have been the meetings themselves.  Jason and Max led meetings on branding and social media, Colin met with Katrina about bookkeeping, and I got to be a part of it all.  The best thing about being an intern on such a small team is that I was immediately included in these meetings – the 52businesses team and Katrina have welcomed my comments and opinions.

I’ll be here for ten weeks total which means that I will be a part of launching 10 different businesses.  During these weeks, I will get to interact personally with every single client and be an integral part of the team.  I’ve already realized that every early stage business is at a different place and that each business has a unique starting and ending point for the week.  But luckily, everyone is willing bear it all in order to get as much done in a week as possible.  This is looking to be a fantastic learning experience.

Look out for more updates throughout the summer.

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