Guest Post: Thoughts on Choosing Your Business Name – Megan Hargroder

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Day 2 with 52businesses

On Monday evening, I sent out 3 potential new names for the Social Media Manager Network to the Curator team, convinced they would love “Social Co-Op” as hard as I did.

What happened was: literally no one chose “Social Co-Op.”

But everyone loved “The Social Tribune.”

So we have a name, y’all!


– is unavailable and being held for ransom for approx. 2k
– is ALSO unavailable and being held for ransom for approx. 2k

But I WAS able to secure:


IS THAT GOOD ENOUGH?? I don’t know. But this whole picking a name thing is HARD.

But we only have a week so I’ve got to keep moving.

So I went ahead and set up my new LLC, since the 52businesses team and I decided I’d need a separate formation and bank account for this new business.

Here’s how I did that:

1. Go to the Secretary of State Website
2. Hover over “business services” and then click “start a business”
3. On the left sidebar click “file original documents”
4. Select your filing type – mine was “Domestic LLC Reg. Articles of Organization” ($100)
5. Fill out your info and submit!

It took about 5 hours to get my final confirmation via email, and on Wednesday I’ll be meeting with my new business banker (Karim Massequoi, who is also very handsome) to get a new account set up so that I can connect the paypal account that is connected to new member intake on the site.

Meanwhile, my designer is working on a new logo/branding so that I can replace “social media manager network” with “social tribune” and I’m still contemplating other potential domains that would work well for this concept.

Social Tribune

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