5 Things you should know about ELLO (so far)

1. It’s Invite Only and currently still in beta (meaning there are lots of kinks to work out)

2. Ad Free “fremium” model means you can pay for additional features / No Data Mining (so your data is safER)

3. EASY BREEZY. Clean, user friendly interface that works a lot like Facebook, but simplifies communication and news feeds (with no mysterious algorithm or forced purchases to get your message seen).

4. Hipster-centric: the community is currently a lot of artists, creatives and general hipsters. A lot of trendsetters and tastemakers are already jumping in, meaning the rest of us are likely to follow in 3, 2, 1….

5. Will it last? Will there be an opportunity for businesses to use this as a promotional tool? That’s the million (billion?) dollar question…and it’s still uncertain.

My opinion / prediction on Ello: I think that the makers of Ello are aiming to do what Google+ failed at: create a successful, stripped down social media network that avoids all of the frustrations associated with Facebook. I wouldn’t be surprised if a year or two down the line, they ended up selling to Google.

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The Conversations Team 

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