Cooking up a social media strategy? Stock your social media content pantry first.

I was invited to meet Chef Shelley Everett down in the French Quarter. I knocked on the door of a private residence and immediately heard “come on in”. As I was just starting to think, “that’s not really safe to do”, this scene unfolded in front of me.   Over the next hour and a half, Chef Read more about Cooking up a social media strategy? Stock your social media content pantry first.[…]

Week 27 : NOLA Birth Center

Week 27  we are excited to work with ladies of birthmark doulas  on launching their new birth center .  The NOLA Birth Center is an out-of-hospital medical facility where women and families can give birth outside of the traditional hospital setting. It is staffed by midwives and backed by OBs and works collaboratively with area Read more about Week 27 : NOLA Birth Center[…]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Content

  Forget what they told you about posting 3 tweets/day and 2 facebook posts/day just to stay in front of your audience… Let’s talk about how to get the most out of of really great social content. Because posting irrelevant, boring, mediocre things to Social Media could (and probably will) cause you to LOSE followers/fans. And no one Read more about How to Get the Most Out of Your Content[…]

How to Use Reddit to get Honest Feedback

How to Use Reddit to get Honest Feedback  You’ve already heard of Reddit, but like me, have probably passed it off as “an online community of yesteryears that has no current value.” wrong. If you’re looking to get honest feedback on a new project from experts in your industry to really pinpoint how you could be doing things Read more about How to Use Reddit to get Honest Feedback[…]

Week 26: Tulane Changemaker Institute

Changemaker Institute (CI) is an accelerator program that helps Tulane students launch social ventures and build entrepreneurial skills through hands-on, experiential, and engaged learning. Through the course of the program, students will hone plans for their ventures and develop ideas through interaction with mentors and one another. CI will facilitate CI graduates’ engagement with and Read more about Week 26: Tulane Changemaker Institute[…]

Week 25: Apocalypse Camp

  Apocalypse-Camp.Com   We’re SO EXCITED for Apocalypse Camp.  We’ve been planning this business for over a year.  Think of it like a summer camp for big kids.  We’ll teach people badass skills like how to: pick a lock hotwire a car ride a motorcycle use grappling hooks siphon gas and many more Loading…