Google Adwords Three-Point PPC Campaign Inspection

When it comes to building, launching, growing and optimizing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing campaigns there’s often an extensive list of action items to take, keyword research and reporting perhaps being the most ongoing, imperative action of all.  To help narrow down the list of necessary tasks, let’s start with a rather quick Three-Step checklist so we Read more about Google Adwords Three-Point PPC Campaign Inspection[…]

Healthy Living for Entrepreneurs, Cont.

Welcome back to our continuation of last week’s “Healthy Living for Entrepreneurs”, where we share community tips, tricks, and secrets from the very people for whom this article is for. Got one yourself? Tweet us @52businesses or hit us up on our facebook page! Nancy Walker – Life Coach & Photographer Since I was in my Read more about Healthy Living for Entrepreneurs, Cont.[…]

Week 9: The Eventualizers

Entrepreneurship can be the outcome of opportunity.   This week, we are working with a locals, Nick Nevares and Kirk Gagnon to launch, The Eventualizers, a full service event design firm. Coming from unique backgrounds Nick and Kirk are teaming up to leverage their professional expertise and create the structures that will enable The Eventualizers to become synonymous Read more about Week 9: The Eventualizers[…]

Social Tribune

Week 8 : SEO Consultation with Megan Hargroder

I had a great meeting with Megan Hargroder, founder of and, and she supplied me with a ton of SEO pointers for Week 8’s business, We’ll run our initial test with CPC ads to validate the concept, but the plan is to hit it hard with SEO once the business is proven. Read more about Week 8 : SEO Consultation with Megan Hargroder[…]

Search Influence

Week 8 : Search Influence SEO Analysis

For the Week 8 business, Writing Your Own Wedding Vows, we need traffic to our site.  To run our test, we got traffic by buying Cost-Per-Click google ads, but this is not a long term sustainable model.  We need organic traffic directly from search engines. Our initial research showed that many people were searching for Read more about Week 8 : Search Influence SEO Analysis[…]

Asana to Basecamp: A Story of Organizational Needs

To organize our team and give our work space some kind of cohesiveness, we’ve recently adopted Basecamp as our primary online hub. The thing is, we haven’t always been using Basecamp. Basecamp is essentially a way to organize your projects online across all the major web browsers, with the cool added bonus of having mobile Read more about Asana to Basecamp: A Story of Organizational Needs[…]

3 Steps

The 3 Steps to Starting a Business (Part 3 of 3)

Step Three: Cost of Acquisition vs. Profit To get to the heart of confidence in profitability and positive projections though, a very simple comparison needs to be made: cost of acquiring a customer versus what you can make off of a customer. At least in the beginning stages of a start-up, this is more than Read more about The 3 Steps to Starting a Business (Part 3 of 3)[…]