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Guest Post: 4 Tips for Getting Started with Web Graphics – Kate Monson

    About the author: Kate Monson is a media strategist and designer who works with progressive nonprofits, businesses and campaigns. She is now blogging at Visualize Progress and would love to meet you on Twitter. ____________________________________________________________________________________   (Reblogged from Visualize Progress.) Making eye-catching graphics for your site or page can be easier than you Read more about Guest Post: 4 Tips for Getting Started with Web Graphics – Kate Monson[…]

Bob’s Manhattan Adventure: Fox News, Forklifts, and Food Fights – Silicon Bayou News 4/28/14

The team and Bob recently spent some time in New York City  for a TV appearance.  This week’s SBN post was written by Jason to shed a little more light on exactly how and why our mobile office ended up in the Big Apple. Read the intro below: I have changed since we started 52businesses, 6 Read more about Bob’s Manhattan Adventure: Fox News, Forklifts, and Food Fights – Silicon Bayou News 4/28/14[…]

Jason America

Benjy’s: The Evolution of an Idea

When Jason first pitched the idea for a patriotic clothing line this past Sunday night, I thought he was crazy.  I brushed the idea off and said I’d mull it over.  I know Jason loves his USA week swag, but he’s a weirdo. While using Google Adwords Keyword Planner to do some preliminary research on the search volume for Read more about Benjy’s: The Evolution of an Idea[…]

3 Steps

The 3 Steps to Starting a Business (Part 1 of 3)

It’s Easier Than You Think Last week, the crew made their way to the Big Apple for an interview with Fox & Friends, during which Colin and Jason discussed the 52businesses’ “secret” and the importance of recognizing diverse entrepreneurial opportunities. Most importantly, however, Colin spoke a bit on how to quickly and efficiently start a successful Read more about The 3 Steps to Starting a Business (Part 1 of 3)[…]

Growth Hacking Strategies 101

The success of Week 6’s business depends heavily upon our ability to develop and implement a premiere marketing strategy for our patriotic-themed clothing line. So, we reached out to the entrepreneurial community for advice on their favorite growth hacks. Here are some of our favorite answers: Gozde Aksay – Co-founder, Salary Fairy: Our members receive Read more about Growth Hacking Strategies 101[…]


User-Friendly and Nutritious Pre-Orders with Celery

The team kicked off Week 5 with the audacious plan of writing and selling a children’s book knowing it was prime time to set up a sound revenue stream by selling a straightforward product.  The children’s book is an easily-digestible and marketable product which provides us with the opportunity to inspire future generations to explore Read more about User-Friendly and Nutritious Pre-Orders with Celery[…]

Week 6: Benjy’s

America the Beautiful.            From majestic Tennessee mountain ranges to skyscrapers reaching the heavens, America’s beauty was a constant theme throughout our team’s venture up to NYC last week for the Fox & Friends appearance.  Zooming by farmland, luxurious mountains, and diverse wildlife while listening to Country Music’s greatest hits for Read more about Week 6: Benjy’s[…]

Greg Tilton

The Wonderful World of Lenses

  So you want some glass. You don’t? Wrong, yes you do. Like with the post on sound, forget your camera. Lenses are arguably the most important pieces of equipment in your arsenal and can, quite literally, last a lifetime—“Buy once, cry once” heavily applies with lenses. There are so many options out there and so Read more about The Wonderful World of Lenses[…]

52businesses on Fox & Friends!

The crew had the amazing opportunity to venture to the Big Apple to appear on Fox & Friends earlier this week! Check out the interview with Colin and Jason revealing the 3 steps to building a successful business, the 52businesses “secret,” and the importance of recognizing diverse entrepreneurial opportunities: Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Sign Read more about 52businesses on Fox & Friends![…]

Bob says thanks to Freret Street – Silicon Bayou News 4/13/14

Bob spent a little under two full weeks on Freret Street. The first week was nice, but the second week was a magical week of weather. Bob told us he did some good thinking under the sun and has been trying to share his thoughts with the world ever since. Somehow he convinced us and Read more about Bob says thanks to Freret Street – Silicon Bayou News 4/13/14[…]